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Sales Manager

Required Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Business, Sales, or a related field.
2-3 years of proven experience in sales, with a track record of meeting or exceeding targets.
Prior experience in sales within the healthcare technology sector.
Demonstrated ability to communicate, present, and influence effectively.
Familiarity with CRM software and MS Office.


Develop strategies to achieve sales targets and expand customer base in the healthcare sector.
Forge and maintain robust relationships with key healthcare industry players.
Articulate the unique value of our SaaS offerings through compelling presentations and proposals.
Lead and mentor a sales team, setting clear goals and monitoring performance.
Stay abreast of market trends and shifts, as well as new products and competition.
Collaborate with marketing to identify and capitalize on new sales opportunities.
Provide accurate sales forecasts and analyze market trends.
Attend industry events for networking and product promotion.
Liaise with product development and customer service teams to ensure client satisfaction.

In-person at IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Embedded Software Engineer

Required Experience

Good command over Linux
Familiarity with real time tasks and timing sensitive system design
Familiarity with BLE/Wifi/etc IoT communication protocols
Familiarity with major third party platforms for cloud and ML/AI integration
Testing actual physical outcomes of programmed solutions
Deep familiarity with ESP-IDF


RTOS based multithreaded software development
Building future ready, scalable software architectures
Liasing with hardware team to decide project requirements
Realtime IoT functionality development on ESP32 platform
Integration of third party services for cloud based communications and computation
Maintaining and documenting software via git (GitLab)
Coordinating releases, setup and maintenance of CI/CD pipelines
Managing AWS based backend services, integration with AWS services such as S3, Sagemaker
Firmware security, Flash encryption, Bootloader encryption, secure communications
Deep integration with hardware team - stress testing hardware
Development of device drivers
Software testing and maintenance

In-person at IIT Bombay, Mumbai

  • What is WALK?
    WALK is a wearble mobility aid for those with gait difficulties due to Parkinson's Disease. It reduces the chance of falling and improves movement while walking.
  • What does WALK look like?
    WALK is a fabric band that is worn on the lower thigh. It wraps around the leg and is held in place by hook and loop fastners (also sometimes known as Velcro). WALK may be worn on the thigh under regular attire, or over trousers as well. The band is sleek and will not show on the outside.
  • Who can use WALK?
    WALK was primarily designed for individuals with Parkinson's Disease having gait difficulties such as freezing of gait, bradykinesia. There is evidence that similar therapy may be useful in many other neurological conditions. The scientific principle behind WALK, sensory cuing, is applicable to everyone. Even healthy elders can benefit from using WALK.
  • How does WALK work? What is the science behind it?
    WALK uses the scientific principle of sensory cueing coupled with muscle stimulation. 'Cueing' is the process of giving regular rhythmic stimulus. For example, the beat of a song or the 'left-right-left' call in a march are cues. In Parkinson's Disease, gait is affected and symptoms such as slow movement (bradykinesia), no movement (akinesia) and freezing of gait cause unsteadiness and may lead to falls. Individuals who initiate their movements based on cues are able to better overcome these symptoms. Sensory cueing is scientifically proven and rigorously tested over the past two decades. WALK cues the user through gentle vibrations, to which they align their footsteps. As seen in our demo videos, this significantly reduces freezing and improves gait.
  • Is WALK visible or audible from the outside?
    No. WALK is designed to be discreet. Only the wearer will perceive the cueing. You can safely wear WALK indoors or outdoors without worrying about disturbance or attracting undue attention.
  • How much does WALK cost?
    WALK is scheduled for launch in March 2023. The pricing will be available soon
  • Who should be cautious when using WALK?
    Individuals with multiple co-mobidities that make them prone to excessive falls should only use WALK under supervision and after consulting their physician.
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