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Introducing WALK, a novel therapy designed to address mobility and gait disorders.

WALK Device

Project WALK is a wearable device for those with Parkinson's Disease. It helps improve gait & balance and reduces the chance of freezing of gait and falling.

Each device is calibrated to the individual user, and adapts to changing gait over time. WALK takes inspiration from the concept of sensory cueing, a scientifically proven and rigourously tested therapy to alleviate gait disturbances. We bring this therapy to a practical form that helps in everyday life.


Our pre-clinical results are very encouraging. Please watch the video to see WALK in action. If you would like to know more, or participate in our clinical study, please write to:  trials@lifesparktech.com or submit the following form.

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Our therapy is designed to fit into your everyday life

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WALK made me feel much more confident and secure while walking. I wish the team all the best in their endeavours

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