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Parkinsons’ Stories #1

Shobhna Tai Tirthali

हिंदी में पढ़े

There was a meeting of the Parkinson’s Mitra Mandal at Dinanath Hospital. When we came out of the hospital after the meeting ended, many of our members who suffered from Parkinson’s were waiting for the riksha at the auto stand. We sat in the auto. The auto driver said, “Ma’am, if you don’t mind, may I ask you a question?”  I replied, “Yes! Ask what needs to be asked.”  He questioned, “The hands of all the people who came out of the hospital were trembling, why so? What kind of a gathering was that? “I understood what he was trying to say, he was wondering whether all these people who came out were drunkards. At that very moment the teacher inside me began to raise her head.  I told him that all these people suffered from Parkinson’s and also what is Parkinson’s and what happens in these gatherings.


These is the situation which patients suffering from Parkinson’s have to face whenever they go out. Because of that, an inferiority complex develops in the minds of Parkinson’s sufferers and they start shying away from going out. On top of that, due to Parkinson’s, there is difficulty in speaking and they sound drunk. Due to these many reasons, misconceptions arise in the minds of people, hence people suffering from Parkinson’s do not often go out and withdraw into their shells. This leads them to becoming depressed, which is more upsetting than Parkinson’s.


I think that our patients of Parkinson should not suffer from misunderstanding among the common people, when they roam outside.  This is the reason why I want to spread more information about Parkinson’s in the society.  Through these articles, I am trying to spread awareness about Parkinson’s disease. I will try to explain about it.

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