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Questions to ask after Parkinson's Diagnosis

Updated: Nov 25, 2023


There were symptoms you or your loved one had. After a few visits to doctors (family doctor / neurologist), a diagnosis of Parkinsons has been received by you.

For many families this could be the first time encounter with Parkinsons - in the sense that - they have not known anyone in the immediate family, extended family or friend circle having had this condition. They could have heard fleetingly that this results in tremors of the hands and few other symptoms.

Initial Response

On hearing the diagnosis one may feel shocked, sad or even terrified. No matter what emotions you experience, there is a very good chance that you have no idea what to do next. There could be many questions swirling in your mind, and you do not know what more you should ask the doctor. You may want to give yourself some time alone and with family and note down questions before scheduling your next visit.

We believe that for these families, it would be good to know what they could ask the doctor/s and thus be more prepared for the journey ahead.

Questions to ask your doctor after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease:

  1. Do I need to get any more testing?

  2. What should I look for in a Parkinson’s care team?

Your neurologist may refer you to another specialist to help manage your non-motor symptoms. These could be a physiotherapist, a speech therapist, nutritionist and occupational therapist. This may not be immediate but specific needs of different people vary.

  1. At what stage is my illness?

  2. How quickly do you think my disease will progress?

  3. Will medications that you prescribe slow down PD progression?

  4. How will Parkinson’s Disease affect my routine work, travel, leisure? You might want to read our related post : https://www.lifesparktech.com/post/पार्किंसंस-के-साथ-अच्छा-जीवन-कैसे-जीएं

  5. Is exercise important? If so, when should I start? What kind of exercise should I do. Read our post about exercise : https://www.lifesparktech.com/post/पार्किंसंस-से-पीड-ितों-के-लिए-व्यायाम-के-फायदे

  6. What physical changes can I expect? Will I be able to keep up the activities, hobbies, and sports I do now?

  7. What treatments do you suggest now?

  8. Will the treatment change as the disease progresses and how often am I required to visit you?

  9. What are the side effects of medications? Is there anything I can do about them? Read our post about side effects https://www.lifesparktech.com/post/side-effects-of-parkinson-s-medicines

  10. Is diet important? If so, what should I eat or avoid eating?

  11. Should I make any changes to my lifestyle?

  12. Are there any complementary treatments or therapies that could help me? Read our brief post : https://www.lifesparktech.com/post/गैर-औषधीय-प्रबंधन

  13. Is there a support group (or other individuals who have PD) or counselor you recommend?


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