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Will My Children Get Parkinson's?

Updated: Jan 26

(Read it in Hindi) Not necessarily. While a small percentage of Parkinson’s cases are caused by a single genetic mutation, the large majority are not. Even if you carry a genetic mutation that increases your risk, your child may not inherit it. And most known genetic mutations linked to PD only increase risk; they don’t guarantee a diagnosis.

Parkinson’s and genetics is a complicated and personal topic. Talk to your doctor and consider consulting with a genetic counselor. This expert can explain what we know about Parkinson’s genetics and walk you through what genetic testing can and can’t tell you. If you decide to get genetic testing, a counselor also can interpret your results.

In the last two decades, researchers moved from a predominant belief that Parkinson’s had no genetic connection to finding several genetic links to PD. Investigating these links has transformed our understanding and contributed to the development of new drugs. Genetics will help researchers continue to unlock clues about the disease and how to treat it.

Image Source - www.parkinsonslife.eu

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