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Scientific rationale

WALK uses muscle stimulation to improve spinal excitability. Increased excitability reduces freezing and other gait symptoms

WALK wearable mobility aid
WALK mobile application analytics report

Spinal excitability

Spinal excitability is shown to be reduced in individuals with Parkinson's Disease, especially in those experiencing freezing of gait. WALK stimulates quadriceps and hamstring muscles to modulate spinal excitability. In addition, to improve long term adherence, the WALK mobile application provide a series of gamified activities that work towards improving spinal excitability and engaging alternate motor programs. Combined together, the WALK ecosystem provides a complete therapeutic solution at home

Through the gamified activities, we also check important neurological parameters and create a report. Fall risk, cognitive changes and specific deficits are tracked and can provide important insights for better management

Indications for use

  • Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease

  • Bradykinesia

  • Freezing of Gait

Collaborating with us

We have a number of scientific and clinical initiatives ongoing. If you would like to know more or become part of these, please contact us at:

+91 9324730665 / info@lifesparktech.com

WALK for doctors

Contribute to the community

If you're an expert in neurology, movement disorders, physiotherapy, or anything related to Parkinson's, and would like to contribute your expertise in any way to creating better solutions for patient care, please reach out to us

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